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  1. Will Paris Attack by ISIS Lead To World War III? - Times of India
  3. 5 Chilling Prophecies That Predict The Beginning Of World War...
  4. SC to hear plea against making Aadhaar mandatory for schemes on May 17
  5. World War 3 is about to begin, and the world will end in 12222, author predicts

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Will Paris Attack by ISIS Lead To World War III? - Times of India

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5 Chilling Prophecies That Predict The Beginning Of World War...

Cutler finished 26 of 41 for a season-high yards with a TD. It is interesting to note that recently an Israeli general, on commenting on the growing threat of Syria, said the easiest thing to do to protect Israel from Syria would be to drop a nuclear bomb on Damascus. The rumors of wars has certainly begun as we have more and more political figures either stating WW3 is just around the corner or is already here. Check out the full article! A native of Buenos Aires, Argentina, he was ordained as a priest in In he became the Archbishop of Buenos Aires, and in a cardinal.

He is both the first Jesuit priest and the first native of the Americas to be elected Pope. He is also the first non-European pope since the 8th century ….. Read the popes prophecy of St Malachy. There is now far more domestic sabotage from foreign interests than most Americans have been willing to acknowledge, often done legally via private transnational contracting in US government agencies and functions, all the way to the almost idiotic US port control by foreign companies.

If the United States can effectively address these issues, it remains the most capable nation of promoting and maintaining global equality and opportunity due to its long multicultural and transformative history and founding democratic egalitarian guiding ideals -- but that first requires recognizing the current high-impact and intensive foreign machinations indicated by Vulkanus repeatedly at 16th-harmonic angle to Hades now on the US Sibley Ascendant.

That indicates that what many Americans think is coming from Americans is actually originating from foreign-run cults and political machinations manipulating US politicians and possibly military leaders, the bulk of the 'Tea Party' remake of the Silvershirts and Liberty League being a prime example. In addition to such formidable possible invasions literal or figurative , especially until early , the United States also remains vulnerable to almost simultaneous UR.

SC to hear plea against making Aadhaar mandatory for schemes on May 17

Any turbulence or financial interests with disruptive intentions in those regions could be behind sudden destruction or disruptions in the main "Tea Party" cult's concentration zones. Note the Emirates factor and foreign contractors controlling US ports, the mistake of the century that seems to have almost been made under hypnosis. With the current configurations, the United States is subject to substantial aggression, whether official or not, overt or covert, uniformed or not, from all of the previously indicated locations.

The indicators are that it is more important for the USA as well as Canada, France, Britain, and Argentina, similarly affected now , to expel foreign agents who are in any possible way involved in covert operations, including support for or manipulation of fake 'patriot' puppet cults actually manipulated by foreign agents -- as this was precisely the case with the 'Silvershirts' urgently needing study and related cults of the s that were run and supported by the Axis powers and planned an overthrow of the US government in as confirmed in British and other media reports, as well as, in part, now declassified FBI reports long concealed domestically in the USA to cover up 'embarrassing' domestic collaboration including manipulative foreign entanglements of families and corporations still holding substantial political power.

World War 3 is about to begin, and the world will end in 12222, author predicts

And the domestic financial interests that supported the Silvershirts network often correlate with their remnants today supporting the so-called 'Tea Party' cult. This has been covered in other articles Vulkanus on the USA Sibley Ascendant, via 8th harmonic angle, similarly aligned via 8th harmonic in orb of the geodetic Ascendants of Ottawa, London, and Paris all at either approximately 12 Mutable or 27 Cardinal.

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Vulkanus at either approx 12 Mutable, 27 Cardinal, or at points in 16th harmonic to there adding aprx 5 Cardinal and 20 Fixed manifest in past cycles as attempted coup against Franklin Roosevelt backed by Nazi Germany, Dutch and Belgian royalist, and Sino-Japanese imperial Manchukuo 'co-prosperity' governments, which geodetics indicate backed Hitler, Japan, and their pets Mussolini and Franco and Hungarian and Romanian Nazi quislings; and thus FDRs references to the 'economic royalists' which included the Axis-sympathetic Edward VIII of the English House of Saxony, who planted his political coterie in the Bahamas, annoyingly close to the US coastline and the Axis spy-colonies in Cuba.

The geodetics also indicate that part of dizzy Uncle Eddie's Nazi dupes may have camped somewhere in the Lesser Antilles, and that their descendants may still today be significant if another similar move against the USA is in the planning. An Axis-friendly coup in Buenos Aires near 27 Cardinals also occurred around that time, and is also at risk of occurring again during the next year or so. Similar events could re-occur in with similar 8th-harmonic configurations.

Nostradamus on World War 3

The result of these events in the last cycle was the very real, officially documented, and shockingly inhumane building of slave labor and extermination camps in Axis-occupied territories to 'liquidate' 'undesirable populations' specified by race, nationality, ideology, or sexual orientation by the Axis governments.

And note that the recent American cheerleaders for a World War 3 have naively sung praises to German bankcorp courier Herbert Hoover, the overseer of the Stockmarket crash that both economically and politically boosted Germany and the Sino-Japanese fascist parties into power in Europe and Asia, as Hoover's transnational banking advisors had planned. Note that few Americans still today are aware of the intent of Germany and its Axis cohorts to literally invade and occupy the United States with the help of pro-Nazi cults trained by German agents in the USA in the s and early s, and that this is verified in documents declassifed only in the s by the Clinton administration, and summarize in part in the book "Germany, Hitler, and World War II" by German-born American Professor Gerhard L Weinberg, published in Similarly, other declassified documents about Japanese operations often in intense collabaratio wit the German Nazis in the USA were summarized in the book 'Shadows Dancing', later republished as 'Spies for Nippon', by Welsh-born Australian historian Tony Matthews -- and these verify reports of Japanese subversion in the USA and other Allied nations that were earlier denied and dismissed due to clever lobbying by post East Asian Prosperity Sphere Axis fascist lobbyists in Washington..